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Coffee Connection participants

Video rundown of this autumn’s Coffee Connection

The 5 October saw the unfolding of 2023’s second “Coffee Connection” event: Barcelona Science Park’s biannual networking meeting to promote collaboration and the exchange of knowledge and experiences among the Park Community.

Maria Terrades, CEO of Barcelona Science Park, kicked off the event with a brief summary of the Park’s main current strategic projects. First came a progress report on the renovation project for the CUB building, which is being extended to comprise three floors that will provide 2,000 m2 of office or dry lab space and is due for completion in 2027. The project continues to make progress and the Ideas Contest will open soon.

Terrades also announced the incorporation of the University of Barcelona into the Science Park’s carpooling project, an initiative launched last year to enable members of the Community to share car journeys via an app. According to Terrades, the UB’s participation means that “many students and teachers in the vicinity will become potential new users, and it will be easier for current users to find carpooling partners.”

The Park’s CEO then went on to explain the launch of a new search engine for the PCB website’s Community section. Thanks to this engine, it is now possible to conduct more streamlined searches that can be filtered by sector of activity and therapeutic area, a tool which, according to Terrades, “will greatly facilitate searches and can help us to better pitch the activities we organise in the future”.

Another of the Park’s far-reaching projects is the Sustainable Development Agenda drawn up as part of its Sustainability Plan, along with the publication of a section on the Park’s website dedicated to providing all the information regarding this project. “Sustainability is now woven much more strongly into our strategy, and we have given it visibility because we all have to play our part in meeting these goals”.

The presentation of projects developed by the Park’s entities was kicked off by Edouard Rozan, Corporate Development of Zymvol, who described the company’s current work with enzymes, undertaken with the goal that they should be used “not by a private club of companies but by everyone”.

Next up was Business Development manager Elena Barberan, who expounded the added value of the RokaFuradada company – a startup founded in the Park a few months ago which is spurned by one mission: to protect the skin from cancer or other conditions caused by solar radiation with a long-lasting and adaptive formula.

Paolo Bonini, CEO of OloBion, described the work currently underway by the company, which is dedicated to omics analysis and develops tailor-made projects for clients with the value-added component of analysing huge amounts of data.

Israel Ramos, for his part, explained the workings behind IRB’s Drug Screening Platform, of which he is manager.

Finally, Luca Tancredi Barone, Director of Communications at the Fundación GAEM, went over the latest project to be undertaken by the foundation.