BCN Health Booster

BCN Health Booster is a three-year programme for companies in the health sector to be accelerated through access to a laboratory at the Barcelona Science Park and a specialised acceleration programme by Biocat.

BCN Health Booster is an initiative of the Barcelona City Council, Barcelona Science Park, Barcelona Activa and Biocat.

What does it offer?

Use of a dedicated or co-working laboratory at the Barcelona Science Park

Discount on rent and general services:







Free acceleration programme, based on your needs imparted by Biocat:


20 hours per year of mentoring or specialised consultancy services


9 hours a year of sessions on reimbursement, customer discovery, IP, market access or regulatory issues


Pitch training, H&BIO Team dating, One-pager and brochure, Introduction to investors (TIRS)


Who is it for and selection criteria

Companies in the health sector that carry out an activity in the subsector of biotechnology, pharmacy, medical device or service company in the health sector. The candidate companies must be less than 5 years old since their incorporation or registration of activity, must be domiciled in Catalonia and must require the use of a laboratory to carry out their activity. Special value is given to those projects that present good prospects for technical and economic viability, a good team of promoters and that have a social impact with priority given to spin-offs of research centers, hospitals and universities.

Selected companies



Aptadel Therapeutics is a biotechnological company focused on the development of treatments against cancer based on RNA aptamer technology. Aptadel’s lead indication is Ewing’s Sarcoma, a rare variety of cancer affecting children.


Artificial Nature is a bioengineering company dedicated to the development and production of advanced biomaterials and bioplastics for the health technology and microelectronics sector, using the combination of molecular technology, green chemistry and artificial intelligence.



Bioliquid is a biomedical technology-based company that focuses on women’s health. Its objective is to develop new tools to isolate fetal and tumor cells from a liquid biopsy, with the vision to improve non-invasive prenatal tests and prognostic, treatment, and monitorization of gynecological cancers.

DeepUll Diagnostics

DeepUll Diagnostics is aiming to fight sepsis and antimicrobial resistance with a fast and automated diagnostics system, supported by artificial intelligence therapy.


GAT Biosciences is advancing microalgae synthetic biology towards disruptive solutions for the production and delivery of recombinant biological drugs. They are developing novel non-injected and much more affordable biopharmaceuticals for infectious and high-prevalence chronic diseases.


GAT Therapeutics is a biopharma company targeting fibrosis and age-related diseases.



Mimark is a spin-off of Vall Hebron Institute of Research which aims to improve women’s health by developing innovative diagnostic assays that solve unmet clinical issues related to gynecological disorders. Their first product is WomEC an in vitro diagnostic test that will provide an accurate, minimally invasive, and lower cost diagnosis of endometrial cancer, while guiding an optimal surgical treatment.


Nuage Therapeutics

Nuage Therapeutics is a spin-off of IRB Barcelona and ICREA that focuses its activity on the discovery of new drugs aimed at therapeutic targets that, due to their structural properties, have been difficult to approach until today.


ONA Therapeutics is a biotech company, spin-off of ICREA and IRB
Barcelona, specializes in the discovery and development of therapeutic biologics targeting the lipid metabolism in order to treat advanced cancer.




Zymvol’s mission is to democratise the use of enzymes in the industry. Thanks to its own computational technology, it is able to discover and design enzymes in record time and in an economical way.

Enzymes are a key element in the new circular economy, with applications which range from the development of medicines to the creation of more sustainable materials and products.



OneChain Immunotherapeutics is a spin-off company of the Josep Carreras Leukaemia Research Institute and ICREA founded by Dr. Pablo Menéndez. Its main objective is to improve people’s health through the development of new immunooncological therapeutic tools for the treatment of
a large number of neoplasms, mainly rare childhood leukemias or others with few therapeutic alternatives, providing innovative and viable pharmacological solutions.

Important dates

June 22nd, 2021

Informative session to answer questions

September 17th,

Last day for applications

October 15th,

Resolution of award or refusal

November 24th,

Accelerator presentation event

de 2021

Signing rental contracts


Start working in laboratories

Committee of experts

Anna Bröll

Head of the Department of Science and Universities
Ajuntament de Barcelona

Anna Serra

Director of Communication and Marketing
Barcelona Science Park

Itziar Blasco

Head of StartUp Programmes
Barcelona Activa

Núria Martí

Director of Innovation

Press Release

BCN Health Booster accelerator is launched

(Press release: 06/02/2021)

This programme is funded by the Barcelona City Council and Barcelona Activa.