The Park is a European benchmark for research, technology transfer and scientific innovation strongly committed to the promotion of culture and sustainability.

Some years ago, the institution declared its commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) proposed by the United Nations. To this effect, as we head towards 2030 the PCB is determined to contribute to the creation of wealth without leaving anyone behind, and it continues to strive for a peaceful society that is fairer, more inclusive and respectful of environmental limits.

With this in mind, the Park has conducted an internal review to identify the most significant aspects of its activity, that can be leveraged to take positive steps towards pursuing this international roadmap. In December 2022, our endeavours culminated in the approval of the Park’s first 2022-2025 Sustainability Plan, a resource that provides a clear blueprint of our strategy and commitment to the future.

The study identified 4 strategic and 3 complementary SDGs which will form the basis of our future sustainability approach.

Following this identification and selection process, the entity’s efforts and resources will be channelled into the following specific areas: