A commitment to the Park’s people

Employee satisfaction

The Park is committed to creating growth opportunities for its Team

Related actions:

  • Enhancing different communication channels so that staff can offer proposals that contribute to their professional and emotional wellbeing, as well contributing towards improving the environment.
  • Periodic organisation of team building activities that contribute to strengthening relationships and generating an enhanced sense of belonging.
Policy for talent management and retention

Professional career planning as a tool for developing human talent

Related actions:

  • Development of a Career Plan for the PCB Team. Improvement of the protocol in the event of the voluntary resignation of PCB staff. Retirement protocol and policy that recognises the commitment of those who remained a part of the team until the end of their working life.
  • Equality Plan
  • Recruitment policy based on transparency and equal opportunities.
  • Harassment prevention protocol.
  • Reconciliation measures incorporated into the labour agreement.
  • Access to professional psychological support at reduced or no cost.
  • Implementation of collaborative IT tools (Microsoft 365).

Sustainability notes