Working towards excellence to improve the health and wellbeing of our people and society

Quality in the provision of services by offering first-rate spaces and technology

To maintain quality standards in the provision of services and a commitment to continuous improvement.

Related actions:

  • Periodic surveys to assess the satisfaction levels of clients based at the Park with regard to its spaces and technology. The organisation of activities to revitalise the PCB Community coordinated by the Park.
  • Annual face-to-face meetings with entity managers to outline new features and listen to concerns and needs.
  • Maintenance of quality certifications (ISO 9001) and environmental management certifications (ISO 14001).
  • Obtention of AAALAC Accreditation (Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care) – a standard that endorses high animal welfare standards in the scientific activities of the Park’s Animal Facility.
Visibility of the PCB Community and enhancement of the Park’s positioning

Increased news output regarding companies and entities based at the Park to gain specialised press and social network prominence.

Related actions:

  • The creation of news bulletins and press releases reporting on the activities of Park-based entities and their research results.
  • Making the activities Park-based entities known through multiple channels: via the website, social networks and internal newsletters. The publication and dissemination of press releases on the activities of Park-based entities, and a dedicated section in the Annual Report comprising a summary of the entities’ and research centre’s main contributions for the corresponding financial year.
Personal wellbeing

To continue to promote initiatives for the physical and mental wellbeing of the Community and the PCB Team.

Related actions:

  • Face-to-face activities for promoting physical and mental wellbeing, geared towards the entire Community and the PCB Team.
  • Elaboration of a health and quality of life plan to promote healthy habits aimed at the PCB Team.
  • Actions for the prevention and management of work overload, and the implementation of a digital disconnection protocol.
  • Promoting the health- and wellness- related benefits offered by the UB (UB card).
  • BCN Health Booster Programme (2022-2024). An initiative to accelerate young companies in the health sector with a social impact that are active in the sub-sector of biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, medical devices or health services that require the use of laboratories.
  • Fitting out of spaces to help bring the PCB community closer together and offer respite: Jardí de l’Hèlix; PCBeach; Coffee Corners.
  • Engagement with the younger community with PCBeers get-togethers.
  • Promotion of solidarity actions: PCBakers to raise funds for charities and associations.
  • Weekly dissemination of sustainability briefings through the T’interessa newsletter.

Sustainability notes