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Sustainable communities. The PCB community is about more than just science!

In an increasingly accelerated, competitive and digital world it is important to encourage social and personal interactions. Getting to know and relating to neighbouring laboratories makes it easier for us to coexist together and favours mutual support and assistance.

There are about 3,500 people in the PCB community, and, beyond the work directly related to scientific activities, there are a number of initiatives that make daily life more human, resilient and sustainable.

The latest collaborative project launched in the PCB is an urban garden on the terrace of the Hèlix building. For the past few days, 30 volunteers have been tending to the spring vegetables and aromatic and culinary herb plants that will be ready to eat in a few weeks. Thanks to gardens of this type, the city gains in biodiversity and people have a chance to connect and share knowledge and concerns, all while out in the fresh air with a break from the norm.

The urban garden joins other community projects such as the PCBakers, a group of volunteers who raise funds by selling baked goods, donating what they make to humanitarian organisations. Other activities such as football, yoga and table tennis, or the informal gatherings of PCBeers, also help build ties within the PCB community.

Our cities and societies need projects that encourage active living, with quality, accessible and safe spaces in which people can interact and connect. The PCB is committed to sustainable, resilient, adaptable, flexible and, ultimately, human communities.

For more information about the projects: