A commitment to training and scientific vocation both now and in the future

Sustainability training and awareness

Sustainability training programme for the PCB Team

Related actions:

  • Sustainability training initiatives for the PCB Team.
  • Sustainability-driven initiatives to promote social cohesion and awareness.
Initiatives aimed at fostering scientific vocation

The Park continues to promote activities aimed at nurturing scientific vocation.  These initiatives are implemented throughout the whole of Catalonia.

Related actions:

  • The application of Bioethics to the activities and materials involved in the Research in Society (RESSÒ) programme.
  • Educational materials for the PCB’s youth science camps.
  • Raising awareness on sustainability among participants in the activities organised by the RESSÒ programme, which address issues that go further beyond climate change.
  • Promotion of scientific careers: Workshops and activities aimed at primary and secondary school students through the RESSÒ (Recerca en Societat) programme to bring science closer to citizens.
  • Promotion of careers in science among upper secondary school students through the BATX2LAB programme, which puts students preparing their upper secondary research project in direct contact with research staff.
  • Annual participation in the Fira Recerca en Directe and the Festa de la Ciència de Barcelona as a way to communicate with the public regarding the scientific method and the research carried out in laboratories all over Catalonia.
  • Development of science teaching materials for use in schools and to encourage research from the classroom.

Sustainability notes