To promote innovation and scientific research, and integrate SDGs and sustainability into the PCB’s business culture

Activation of sustainability at the PCB

To establish mechanisms for activating sustainability at the PCB, by defining annual improvement objectives, the means of measuring and monitoring sustainability and performing global risk assessments, including those linked to ESG aspects (environmental, social and governance).

Related actions:

  • Approval of the PCB’s strategic sustainability policy.
  • Incorporation of strategic sustainability-related indicators into management systems.
  • Instillation of the sustainability culture throughout the entire organisation, via social cohesion activities and periodic team meetings. The implementation of various initiatives (team meetings, training activities, informative materials etc.), in order for sustainability culture to be completely instilled and form part of the PCB Team’s everyday life.
Communication strategy

Defining and implementing a communication strategy that positions the PCB as an organisation that contributes to sustainable development.

Related actions:

  • Publication of a dedicated sustainability page on the PCB website.
  • Incorporating a chapter on environmental and social issues in the Park’s annual income statement.
  • Convey sustainability to the brand of the Science Park of Barcelona.
The promotion of innovation and scientific research

Technological surveillance to continue offering pointer services and facilities to favour innovation and scientific research; investments in infrastructure and technology to enable new spaces and to increase the capacity for scientific research.

Related actions:

  • Elaboration of a new strategic plan for the Park, to strengthen its role as a driving force in the research and life sciences sector.

Sustainability notes