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The startup's stand at the last edition of the Cosmetorium fair (Photo: Roka Furadada).

Roka Furadada presents ROKA Cirkle® Sotabosk, its first bio-based ingredient

At this year’s Cosmetorium trade show, which took place in Barcelona on 18 and 19 October 2023, the Roka Furadada startup, which has one of its labs at the Barcelona Science Park, introduced its latest innovation: ROKA Cirkle® Sotabosk. This is the company’s first bio-based product with a 100% index of natural origin, which protects the skin while supporting the circular economy. It is also the first liquid lignin-based cosmetic ingredient which integrates in emollients.

“ROKA Cirkle® Sotabosk is a unique blend of a lignin derivative and oleic acid that combines the firmness of conifers with the silkiness of olive oil. The result is a multifunctional active ingredient which acts as a preservative booster and balances skin and scalp microbiomes. Its caramel colour evokes the pine forests from which it is sourced, and bestows the end cosmetic product with a subtle golden touch”, said the company in a statement.

Lignin is the second most abundant plant polymer in nature. It is rich in phenols which give it antioxidant, antimicrobial and UV-absorbing properties. In short, lignin gives structure to trees and other herbaceous plants and protects them from foreign bodies. It comes mainly  from the paper industry as a waste product, with billions of tonnes being produced each year. 90% of the lignin produced is burnt, but by developing lignin-based ingredients, Roka Furadada is repurposing the product, giving it a new lease of life and making the most of its properties.

The product owes its development to funding received from the EU’s Horizon 2020 innovation and funding programme under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie grant agreement no. 801342 (Tecniospring INDUSTRY), as well as from the Catalan Government’s Agency for Business Competitiveness (ACCIÓ).

Another of Roka’s star products, ROKA Smart UV® PvB 360, which was also developed under the Tecniospring Industry programme, also took centre stage at Cosmetorium 2023: as part of the TechFocus programme, Dr. Claudia Navarro, the company’s regulatory affairs manager, presented the findings from the latest studies on the solar active ingredient.

ROKA Smart UV® PvB 360 acts as a protective barrier against UVA radiation which, in combination with conventional UV filters, increases the UVA-protection factor by up to 85%  ̶  something which allows the protection time of sun care products to be extended by up to six hours. The active ingredient also protects against hyperpigmentation caused by UV radiation. In addition, ROKA Smart UV® PvB 360 prevents photoageing by protecting against mitochondrial DNA damage, and the formation of reactive oxygen species caused by UVA rays. Nor is the skin this product’s sole beneficiary: ROKA Smart UV® is also an effective hair protector, which sees its protection enhanced with the passing of time and also helps protect against colour fading as a result of sun exposure.