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Christmas has come…

On 21 December, the astronomical winter begins and after the longest night of the year, the Christmas break right on its tails. The arrival of winter reminds us of our vulnerability as individuals. The weather is harsh, and nature spreads its fruits to us and more than ever, we feel the need to strengthen the bonds of our community and keep the hope alive that nature will burst forth once again.

The time to have a rest from work and a change to our routine has arrived. This is a time for family gatherings and sitting around a table full of food and gifts. It’s easy to fall into excesses and going overboard and currently, in the face of such an unprecedented climate emergency and ever-increasing social inequalities, it is more important than ever that we act responsibly.

Trying to make conscious consumption at Christmas is not an impossible mission. It doesn’t mean that we have to stop preparing our favourite dishes that we only get to eat a few times a year or that the youngsters of our homes go without their gift.

Conscious and responsible consumption at Christmas can be oriented to reducing overindulgence and wasting food and to making purchases that have a positive impact. Making non-materialistic gifts, selecting food from local companies with value added or committed social integration, choosing goods with a low environmental impact or coming from exchanges are just a few examples.

We want to enjoy these holidays in a relaxed way, with a renewed spirit and make Christmas alive for the people around us in a pleasant and positive way, without forgetting the people in need in our community.

Have a Merry Christmas!