Carpooling in PCB

Sign up for carpooling with Hoop Carpool

The Park has launched this initiative, together with some institutions and companies in the community, to encourage fewer and fuller cars to come to the PCB, in order to save money, improve energy efficiency and achieve sustainability.

Members of the PCB community can organise shared journeys through the Hoop Carpool app and split the cost of the journeys.

What is carpooling and what are its benefits?

Carpooling is a safe, convenient, social and economical way to make inter-city journeys with a number of associated benefits.

Saving money

Saving time and promoting work-life balance

Encouraging networking

Reducing the number of cars on the road and the environmental footprint to lower CO2 emissions

Optimising available parking spaces

How the Hoop Car pool community works

Hoop Carpool is an application that connects commuters to the Park by car so that they can travel together. They can be drivers or passengers. Here’s how it works.

1.- Download the app (QR Code)

2.- Use the code:
Comunitat PCB

3.- Upload your weekly routine to the app according to your profile: Passenger or Driver

4.- Find partners to share schedules and routes with

5.- Choose your meeting point

6.- You can get rewards for helping the environment

Ride cost

The driver sets a price per seat and the passenger pays through the application. The recommended price is €0.09 per km with a price limit of 15 cents per km and is part of the collaborative economy: there is no competition in the world of taxis or VTCs (PHVs).

Frequently asked questions

What is the cost of the app?

None for the user. There is only a cost for the journeys according to the fare agreed by each driver, always with a limit of 15 cents per km.

Can I be a driver and a passenger?

Yes, depending on the journey you are making and your needs, you can switch between the two profiles.

How do I communicate with my fellow passengers?

The application has an internal chat function.


If you have any questions about using the app, click on the Hoop Help Centre directly from the app by looking for the icon and Contact Us.

SDGs linked to carpooling

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