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The “Cuestión de ciencia” initiative presents a new digital edition aimed at teachers

Due to the situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the initiative “Cuestión de ciencia: ¿te atreves a desafiar el futuro desde casa?” -launched by Bayer in collaboration with Big Van Ciencia and Barcelona Science Park- is renovated now in a special edition #CuestiónDeCienciaEnCasa, to be beside teachers that have adapted their way of working in distance educating to keep with the students accompaniment and moving forward with the curriculum program.


The “Cuestión de ciencia” project, launched by Bayer in collaboration with Big Van Ciencia and Barcelona Science Park (PCB) is renovated now in a special edition, #CuestiónDeCienciaEnCasa, with the objective of being beside teachers in distance educating. The objective is to provide with useful sources and pedagogical material to promote scientific dissemination, taking advantage of the moment and the versatility that offer digital tools and using these channels to be closer to the students.

Professors are one of the collectives that deserve an applause in this moment, because they have been overturned to accompany the younger ones and avoid the situation now becomes a brake in their education. “Cuestion de Ciencia” evolves with them to recognize their work and support them in the task of connecting and using digital tools as educative vehicle.

“Cuestion de ciencia” was born to invite secondary students give an answer to some challenges related to health and nutrition in a scientific monologue way, and now is challenging high school teachers with renovated themes, adapted to the nowadays situation, but keeping the science and correct information as the guiding thread. 

“How to avoid the spread of fake news about COVID-19?”, “How to make a responsible shopping and food consume?” Or “How do you favor the system by making responsible use of health resources?” These are some of the questions which teachers will have to give an answer in a scientific monologue way, in a practical exercise directed by Big Van Ciència.

Also, to give more support and accompany the teachers during the entire process, the company has enabled online training lessons with Big Van Ciencia about creating scientific monologues in a digital environment, with the objective of increasing the narrative and artistic capacities and offering sources to the professionals of education.

The #BayerContigo initiative

In the frame of the programme #BayerContigo and with the commitment of Bayer with the situation that is living the country –last week they concreted an announcement of an action plan worth 1 million euros for the support of the health care system- the company has also developed a complete package of specific measures to accompany their workers that work from home.

The programme includes technic and ergonomic recommendations, sport online sessions to keep the physical activity and a programme of psychological support in collaboration with “Fundació Salut I Persona” among other measures.

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