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Presentation of a study on the impact of senior drivers on motorways

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Presentation of a study on the impact of senior drivers on motorways

On 2 December, as part of its annual conference, the Research Group on Ageing () will present its on the impact of senior drivers on motorways. This event will be held at 19 h in the PCB Auditorium (c/ Baldiri Reixac, 4-6).

Promoted by the Fundació Abertis (Abertis Foundation), the study sets forth a series of recommendations, which have been drawn up in response to the following sociological phenomena: the progressive increase in drivers over 65 years of age; the increasing and indispensable need of a car for daily activities and the intense physical and intellectual activity of this age group. The conclusions of this study will contribute to the design of specific programmes aimed at road safety and management.

The research has been coordinated by Ricardo Moras, professor of the Dept. of Sociology and Organizational Analysis of the Universitat de Barcelona (University of Barcelona) and director of the GIE. Through surveys, interviews and discussion groups, the study defines the demographical, physiological, and sociological profile of senior drivers in recent years. In addition, the GIE researchers have studied the potential economic and technological effects of an increased number of ageing drivers.

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