CREA organizes a series of presentations on dialogic reading

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CREA organizes a series of presentations on dialogic reading

Dialogic reading implies the reading and uncovering of meaning through a text from which readers build understanding, deepen their literary interpretations and reflect on life and society through equalitarian dialogue with other readers. This process opens up the opportunity for personal and social change, both as a reader and individual. This kind of reading, which provides new insight into educational and cultural reading, is done, for example, in schools and training centres, libraries, museums and in virtual settings.

The Conference will include presentations by John Searle, Mills Chair in the Philosophy of Minds and Language at the University of California in Berkeley; Marta Soler, Ramon y Cajal researcher of the UB; Pablo del Río, full professor of Communication at the Universidad de Salamanca and Anna Mª Araujo, professor of Education at the Universitat Pontifícia Catòlica de Sao Paulo. The programme also includes a number of round tables in which several issues will be debated, such as diversity of settings, and models of dialogic reading, the relation between dialogue, reality and text, or multilinguistics and education related to reading.

For more information, please contact the Conference Secretary on 93 403 45 49 or .