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Advancell introduces its cellular reagent which predicts hepatic toxicity in drugs

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Advancell introduces its cellular reagent which predicts hepatic toxicity in drugs

Bio-tech firm Advancell, leader in nano-medicine research and in cellular methods for in-vitro research, recently presented in London, a new cellular reagent called Isocyp-Tox, an innovative product designed to predict hepatic toxicity in pharmaceuticals. The launch of Isocyp- Tox corresponds with Advancell's objectives to expand internationally and to continue developing. In addition to various world experts, the presentation was attended by: Dr. José Vicente Castell, Director General of the Research Foundation Hospital La Fe Valencia and specialist in hepatic metabolism, Albert P. Li from California and President of In-Vitro ADMET Laboratories and Duane B. Lakings, President of In-Vitro Drug Safety Evaluation Consulting. the company's Alternative Testing Unit, as defined in the strategic plan which includes the aim of launching a new reagent each year.

Isocyp-Tox is a cellular reagent designed as a tool to optimize time and costs in the evaluation of hepatoxicity of components. Calculations indicate that with this method as an alternative to in-vitro testing currently used, time can be reduced by 80%, whilst cost savings of approximately 50% are estimated. It’s a “custom designed” reagent (can be adapted to the needs and methodology of the final user) and forms part of a technology platform known as Isocyp, invented by Advancell and related to the metabolism and toxicity of components. The biotechnology firm plans to use this platform to carry out future studies of toxicity in the four principal organs where there exists a previous metabolism of substances foreign to the organism; liver, lungs, kidney and skin. Advancell hopes to use this platform not only with drugs, but also with chemical products and cosmetics.

For Advancell, the great revolution for this radical reagent is that today, it is one of the few that guarantees results, speed, and cost savings for the market launch of totally safe drugs. There is a great shortage of in-vitro reagents capable of analysis of hepatic toxicity in this way. This signifies a large potential market that Advancell hopes to grow on an international scale in the near future (the reagent is currently in validation process with various well-known national and international pharmaceutical companies). Forecast sales are more than 1 million Euros per year and initial distribution throughout Europe will be handled by the French company, Tebu-Bio.

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