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Whole Genix wins the 2018 Mediterráneo Excellente Prize for Medical Innovation

By 26 de November de 2018No Comments
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Nuria Nabau, CKO of Whole Genix; Daniel Ritort, investor, and Cristian Tornador, CEO and co-founder of the company. (Photo: El Suplemento)

Whole Genix wins the 2018 Mediterráneo Excellente Prize for Medical Innovation

The company Whole Genix, headquartered in the Barcelona Science Park, received the 2018 Mediterráneo Excelente Prize in the Medical Innovation category. This award was received during the gala marking the IV edition of these prizes, held on Friday in Hotel Arts in Barcelona. With these awards, the editorial group El Suplemento aims to assess and highlight entrepreneurial, scientific and cultural talent, as well as social and charity initiatives undertaken by companies, institutions and professionals from the Mediterranean Arc.


Whole Genix (WG) was created in July 2014 in Barcelona and London by Nuria Nabau, doctor in molecular and cellular biology; Óscar González, doctor in theoretical chemistry; and Cristian Tornador, doctor in biomedicine. They took the decision to focus on specialisation in genetic analyses, using new next-generation genome sequencing (NGS) technologies and bioinformatics models aimed at translational medicine. In 2015, the Fundación Ritort joined the project.

The company is a front-runner in genetic-clinical consultancy for both physicians and hospitals in terms of the prevention, early diagnosis and efficient treatment of diseases, particularly in neoplastic processes. The WG team selects and interprets clinically significant genetic data, showing the patient’s genetic profile in the context of approved (FDA, EMA) personalised therapies or the final stages of clinical trials. Finally, experts in the field of clinical genetics and/or oncology compile the data into a single concise report, together with the associated clinical recommendations that are reported to the physicians.

For a specific diagnosis of the disease, an exhaustive analysis is performed on the data obtained from NGS through the use of bioinformatics tools and protocols that are internationally approved by genetic experts. WG also writes clinical reports based on genetic kits, whole exomes and whole genomes, and also has a liquid (blood) biopsy kit for the detection and follow-up of advanced cancer patients.

WG collaborates in R&D&i in cancer projects with national hospitals, the ICO (Catalan Institute of Oncology), the CNIO (National Centre for Oncological Research) and the AECC (Spanish Association Against Cancer). Its board of directors has also created the Fundació Teresa Moretó, which is a non-profit organisation that aims to raise money for biomedical research, and the company BloodGenetics for the genetic analysis of blood-related diseases. It is currently working on the launch of Genyx, a company focused on adapting people’s lifestyles, nutritional habits and physical exercise routines.

Highlighting entrepreneurial excellence

The El Suplemento Awards first started in 2011, aiming to transfer the entrepreneurial spirit and effort of the projects arising in Spain to the wider public. They also aimed to raise awareness of the good deeds undertaken by companies and professionals from the most varied sectors. The Premios a la Excelencia [Excellence prizes] were launched in 2013, which were divided by geographical areas: Andalucía Excelente, Cantábrico Excelente and Mediterráneo Excelente, which have held award ceremonies since 2014. All award winners directly become finalists in the National El Suplemento Award Ceremony.

The editorial group El Suplemento, which organises these awards, was founded by Antonio Queijero and Pablo Suñer with the intention of optimising the diffusion tools that increase the visibility of professionals and companies in the main national media sources.