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Vesismin Talks is a project that allows sharing experiences to promote the culture of infection control in a transversal way (Photo Vesismin).

Vesismin Talks, a space for cross-sectional debate on infection prevention and control

Experts in preventive medicine and infectious diseases have taken stock of the health management of the Covid-19 pandemic and analysed the challenges evidenced during the health crisis, in the second talk of the Vesismin Talks series, a space for debate -promoted by Vesismin Health, headquartered in the Barcelona Science Park- which was created with the aim of expanding knowledge on infection prevention and control at the hands of specialists in the sector.

The health and public health crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic has generated a social debate on public health strategies and the management of Healthcare-related Infections (HRI), which has highlighted the importance of collaboration between specialists in this field and departments of medical and hospital centers for its prevention and control.

In the opinion of Víctor Vallés, CEO of Vesismin Health: «In Spain, the opinion of authentic experts in preventive medicine and infection control has not been sufficiently taken into account. Vesismin Health has launched the Vesismin Talks project because it wants you to give a voice and highlight the importance of preventive medicine and infection control in public health strategies and health management in our country ”.

The second meeting of the Vesismin Talks series has brought together Dr. Joaquín López-Contreras -expert in infectious diseases- and Dr. Immaculada Salcedo and Dr. Alberto Torres -specialists in preventive medicine and public health- to shared their experiences during the pandemic and reflect, among other questions, on what we have learned about prevention and that it would have to change to be better prepared for HRI in the face of future pandemics.

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