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Photo: Vesismin Health.

Vesismin Health launches a UV-C germicidal lamp for hospital disinfection

Vesismin Health –specialised in the development and distribution of innovative products for infection control in hospitals– launches Vesismin-UV, a highly efficient germicidal UV-C disinfection lamp thanks to its smart design. In addition, its technology does not use any chemical process, so its use does not generate harmful or polluting substances. This development will allow the company, based in the Barcelona Science Park, to expand its portfolio of its own R&D products to fight nosocomial infections in hospitals.

Vesismin UV is a system designed for the disinfection of surfaces by emitting ultraviolet radiation in the UV-C germicidal band. The use of this type of technology has increased in recent years, and especially in the hospital sector.

Germicidal UV-C radiation is produced by the ionization of mercury vapor contained in low-pressure lamps. Ionized mercury emits light, predominantly at the ideal wavelength (254 nm) to denature the nucleic acids of unicellular organisms, without producing any type of harmful or contaminating residue.

Vesismin UV has a simple architecture, and with a high intensity that guarantees maximum efficiency and agility with only 4 tubes. In addition, the inclination and separation of the tubes allows an irradiation that optimizes the angles of incidence and the shadow areas. The length of the tubes is the maximum established and allows greater coverage to be achieved, from the lowest to the highest surfaces of the space to be disinfected.

The technology developed by Vesismin carries out total control of the cycle: the correct emission of energy from each UV-C tube is continuously monitored by a set of sensors that control the performance of the cycle. In addition, a meticulously studied care in order to obtain a simple and fast use as well as safe. Motion sensors, emergency stop button, protective cover … Without a doubt, these are some of the attributes that make Vesismin-UV part of a breakthrough in the hospital disinfection market.

The application can also be complemented with the Vesismin UV Sensor, a dual electronic dosimeter that allows the monitoring of the UV-C dose. The device allows a reproducible control and guarantees an irradiance of the UV-C dose, where it is needed, when it is needed; and it is compatible with all UVGI disinfection systems on the market.

Both technologies have been extensively tested and offer a highly accessible, efficient, and secure value proposition at truly competitive prices.

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