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Camilla Dore, product developer, and Adriana Kyvik, technology lead at B'ZEOS (Photo: Parc Científic de Barcelona).

B’ZEOS, an innovative greentech company, has joined the Barcelona Science Park

B’ZEOS, a Norwegian science-based startup developing novel biobased packaging materials using renewable seaweed extracts, has opened a R&D centre in the Barcelona Science Park. From the large-scale supply to customized packaging solutions, offers truly sustainable alternatives to conventional plastic for companies. Moreover, the company constantly research and develop material formulations to offer the best products on the market and engages in projects with teams from public and private centres willing to transition to greener and more environmentally friendly businesses.

B’ZEOS was founded in 2017 by Guy Maurice, an engineer specialized in waste management to fight against single-use plastics offering a truly sustainable solution for their replacement. The company’s headquarters is located in Oslo (Norway) and now has set up its R&D Department in the Barcelona Science Park (PCB), with a cutting-edge laboratory aimed to develop prototypes at lab scale to test new formulations and new seaweed extracts.

The technical and scientific team at the company’s R&D centre in the Park is led by Adriana Kyvik –which has a background in Chemical Engineering and a PhD in Materials Science- with the support from Camilla Dore, as a product developer, which has a background in Mechanical Engineering and a PhD in Materials Science.

Currently, the B’ZEOS most developed product is a home compostable, flexible packaging films based on seaweed extracts, and the company is also working on using the same formulation as a paper liner, in order to provide a solution for paper laminated for greasy products.

Plastic waste, a huge global problem

Seaweed is a renewable and abundant resource, providing several environmental benefits. Unlike land-based plants, seaweed does not require fresh water, fertilizer, and pesticides to grow. Seaweed grows quickly in the sea, where it captures CO2 and releases O2, promoting healthy marine ecosystems.

“The world needs sustainable alternatives to conventional plastic more than ever. Every year, we generate millions of tons of plastic and only recycle 20%! The rest is incinerated, ends up in landfills or pollutes the natural environment. Recycling is especially difficult for flexible and small packaging films such as food wraps and for multicomponent packaging, such as coated paper and cardboards. For these applications, there is definitely a need for more sustainable alternatives”, explains Dr Adriana Kyvik.

Differently from other bio-based alternatives already in the market, B’ZEOS solution is 100% bio-based, bio-digestible, and marine biodegradable, and does not require any industrial composting facilities.

“Moreover, we use a flexible formulation that allows us to tailor the final properties of our bioplastic depending on the specific application. Our manufacturing process is industrially scalable and completely green, avoiding the use of toxic chemicals”, states Dr Kyvik.

B’ZEOS is working on different European projects such as PlastiSea (financed through the first call of the ERA-BlueBio Co-fund) and on industry driven products development. The start-up is currently part of the Ocean Solutions Accelerator, EIT Food Accelerator and Mass Challenge in Switzerland.

As a result driven company, it is always involved in technology transfer activities. B’ZEOS have a collaboration ongoing with Nestlé, the biggest food and beverage supplier worldwide, and it has also surrounded by different spin-offs, companies, and research groups. The company has partners for material characterization and legal advice and a partnership with Spanish plastic manufacturer AITIIP Technology Center.

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