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More than 1,750 students participate in the 2nd edition launch of “Reimagine Science”

More than 1,750 young high school students from all over Catalonia participate in the launch of the second edition of  “Reimagine Science: clinical trials, research and drug development” programme by Novartis, the Barcelona Science Park and Big Van Ciencia. The initiative aims to bring clinical research closer to both students and teachers to reflect together, through new formats, on the importance, development, and the factors and actors involved.

“Reimagine Science” invites participants to capture scientific content through the theatrical genre of humorous monologues. Young students have a dynamic language and an attractive format to explain the concepts they learn in the project in a creative way, by using scenic arts. The process is, therefore, fun and pedagogical for the students, who can take part in proposals of monologues, songs, animated videos, theatrical sketches and flash-movies.

To inspire the youngest in their proposals, Big Van Ciencia scientists held different sessions of scientific monologue shows in person at the Auditorium of the Barcelona Science Park.  They also brought the activity closer to the centres via streaming to adapt to the exceptional situation caused by the pandemic. In this way, a total of 52 educational centers from different parts of the Catalan geography have registered to motivate their students to participate in activities related to science and research.

This educational project will be carried out using new educational technologies, innovative materials and digital platforms, and it is aimed at high school students from all Catalonia.

» Young students have until 15th December, 2021 to present their applications through Research in Society program website [+]

» More information in this link [+]