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Transmural sets up offices at the Barcelona Science Park

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Transmural sets up offices at the Barcelona Science Park

Transmural, a biotech and spin-off of the Clinical Hospital of Barcelona and the University of Barcelona specialised in image analysis techniques has just joined the Barcelona Science Park. This company was founded in June 2009 by telecommunications engineer Ivan Amat and doctor Eduard Gratacós, head of the Maternal-Fetal Medicine Service of the Clinical Hospital of Barcelona, with the objective of developing and commercializing several systems to be applied in the field of biomedical research and in medical practice to improve the diagnosis of several diseases

In spite of being a very young company, Transmural is already working on several substantial research projects, which are financially supported by renowned international entities, such as the 7th Framework Programme of the European Union, which funds the cost of highly qualified research personnel and knowledge transfer with the Marie Curie Industry-Academia Partnership and Pathways (IAPP) grants, and the Ministry of Science and Innovation, which funds a part of the research line aimed at the development of quantitative imaging biomarkers for cardiovascular diseases within the cvREMOD consortium ( which was created with the help of the CENIT-E programme.

The project, which is endorsed by the European Union (IAPP), aims to develop a series of accessories for endoscopic and laparascopic towers that will help improve the view of the surgical field in real time. To this end, Transmural is working side by side with European reference surgeons, both from the Clinical Hospital of Barcelona as well as from the Leuven University Hospital (Belgium).

The company is also involved in conducting research on quantitative imaging biomarkers, initially centered on ultrasound imaging. These quantitative imaging biomarkers perform an advanced analysis that enables the estimation of the state of the brain neurostructure and the detection of possible subtle lesions in fetuses and neonates that often go undetected because they require highly qualified professionals who are not always available in all hospital centers. This technology, incorporated to a standard ultrasound device, directly or via network, can assess an image in a repeatable and objective manner, and may therefore be of great help in clinical decision making and diagnosis. Several researchers from the Maternal-Fetal Medicine Service of the Clinical Hospital of Barcelona are participating in this project, titled AQUA (Automatic Quantitative Ultrasound Analysis), and collaborations with European reference centers of the United Kingdom and Switzerland are presently being established.

Transmural is also working on a third project that focuses on the development of technological tools that can help improve the treatment of patients with cardiovascular diseases. This project is funded by the CENIT programme of the cvREMOD and consists of a consortium comprised of 9 companies and 10 research centers.