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The TV3 Marathon finances two research projects in the PCB

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The TV3 Marathon finances two research projects in the PCB

The (TV3 Marathon Foundation) has granted 179,750 € to Fernando Albericio, full professor of Organic Chemistry at the Universitat de Barcelona (University of Barcelona) and researcher at the , to develop a project related to chronic inflammatory diseases, the focus of the . The marathon has also granted funds to six more UB research projects and related university hospitals, among which we highlight "Mechanisms underlying glucocorticoid interference with the MAPK pathways and their relationship to the glucocorticoid anti-inflammatory action. Enhancement of glucocorticoid anti-inflammatory action", developed by Carme Caelles in the IRBB-PCB.

The research project directed by Dr. Albericio aims to discover new generation drugs that prevent the immunological response produced by Gram negative bacteria, a process linked to diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, hepatic cirrhosis and Crohn’s disease. The study focuses on the lipopolysaccharide (LPS), responsible for the immunological disorder that occurs during the initial phase of inflammatory processes. The use of agents that neutralize the bacterial endotoxin or LPS provides an attractive therapeutic approach since the immunological signalling pathway is blocked from its initial stage, thereby inhibiting the initial effector agents, primary mediators of the damage observed in many clinical symptoms. In recent years much evidence has been generated to support a physiopathological role of the bacterial endotoxin during chronic inflammatory diseases.

In this regard, the research is focused on the discovery of LPS-neutralizing molecules of peptidic and peptidomimetic nature that allow the design of powerful candidates for studies in vivo. The aim is to increase the range of products by applying the strategy used to other natural proteins that bind to LPS and through screening target chemical libraries, the design of which will be done with the experimental results obtained.

Moreover, the project directed by Carme Caelles, professor of the Dept. of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the UB, aims to identify molecular strategies that enhance the therapeutic profile of glucocorticoids through Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinases (MAPKs) pathways. Glucocorticoids can be used for treatment in chronic inflammatory diseases and this research aims to strengthen their action or decrease their serious secondary effects, which limit their use for prolonged periods. With funds of 180,000 €, this study will be carried out in vitro, in cultured cells, and in vivo, in genetically modified mouse models.

Eighty research projects applied for financial support in the call for the 2002 TV3 Marathon. The applications were evaluated by 32 internationally renowned scientists, who ranked the proposals in function of their methodological quality and relevance. In 2002, twenty biomedical projects received financing that amounted to 3,772,303 €. In its last edition, the TV3 Marathon was devoted to chronic respiratory diseases and to date has received more than 4 million Euros. Donations to the TV3 Marathon can be made until 31 January.