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The Rector visited the equipment of the Scientific and Technological Centers of UB

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The institutional visit to the Scientific and Technological Centers of UB.

The Rector visited the equipment of the Scientific and Technological Centers of UB

Yesterday's morning, the rector of UB, Dr Dídac Ramírez, visited the equipment of the Scientific and Technological Centers of UB () –based in the PCB– in order to open some new facilities acquired by the University of Barcelona. New facilities installed at the CCiTUB will contribute to improve and increase the scientific and technological capabilities of the University, by providing research groups and industrial sectors with state-of-the-art technologies to be applied in the areas of biosciences, material sciences and chemistry.

To be exact, the rector visited the technological units of Electron Microprobe, Scanning Electron Microscopy, Metal Analysis and X-Ray Diffraction (located at the main building of the CCiTUB), as well as the Unit of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and the Laboratory of Micro/Nanotechnologies (clean room – FIB/SEM), located at the faculties of Chemistry and Physics, respectively. He also visited the units of Electron Cryomicroscopy and Separation Techniques, located at the Barcelona Science Park.

Dr Jordi Alberch, vice-rector for Research, Innovation and Transfer; Dr Atilà Herms, dean of the Faculty of Physics, Dr Pere Lluís Cabot, dean of the Faculty of Chemistry, and Dr José Ramón Seoane, director of the CCiTUB, also participated in the institutional visit.

The Scientific and Technological Centers of UB

The CCiTUB are a research infrastructure facility at the University of Barcelona with the main goal to support research and innovation in the areas of chemistry, materials sciences and biosciences. In order to accomplish this goal, it provides state-of-the-art characterization technologies and specializing technological advice to both the research community and industry.

An important part of CCiTUB’s daily tasks is devoted to methodological research in the above mentioned areas, aimed to improve both the capabilities and infrastructure of its centers. Moreover, the CCiTUB also aims to enforce the university-industry relationship and promote innovation and technological transfer by participating in agreements and R+D+i projects with industry. Finally, the CCiTUB offers training courses and workshops on the technologies if offers and their applications

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