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Barcelona Science Park’s BATX2LAB programme has been chosen as the winner of the Barcelona Education Innovation Award in the Secondary Education category (Photo: Barcelona City Council).

The PCB’s BATX2LAB receives the Barcelona Education Innovation Award

Barcelona Science Park’s BATX2LAB programme has been chosen as the winner of the Barcelona Education Innovation Award in the High School category, in the first edition of these awards, created by Barcelona City Council to offer recognition to altruistic initiatives for educational innovation and change carried out by schools and organisations in the city to strengthen training opportunities and social inclusion.


In an awards ceremony held today and presided by Laia Ortiz, Barcelona Council’s Second Deputy Mayor in charge of the Area of Social Rights, the first edition of the Barcelona Education Innovation Awards was presented to a total of 16 projects that generate tools to bring about improvements in educational practices and strengthen social cohesion, with two categories of award established according to the level of education and city district.

From the classroom to the lab!

The BAT2LAB project, winner of the High School award, gives upper students the chance to carry out the practical part of their research project in the PCB laboratories under the supervision of a researcher, with three students being awarded prizes for their finished projects. The winners are also invited to showcase their work by hosting a stand at the Live Research Fair—held each year at CosmoCaixa Barcelona—alongside 11 research groups from prestigious institutions from across Catalonia.

BATX2LAB—which is supported by the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECYT) of the Spanish Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness, and Barcelona City Council—is part of Barcelona Science Park’s Research in Society programme to promote dialogue between researchers and the public and encourage young people to choose scientific careers, a programme that has earned itself a Quality Education Label from the Barcelona Pedagogical Coordination Council (CCP).