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The PCB offers some of its spaces to organize summer science activities

Due to the situation provoked by the pandemic and the COVID-19 crisis, Barcelona Science Park will organize this summer some science activities to help combining family life and promote, once again, the passion for science among kids.

The COVID-19 crisis has been a hard hit for those families that have had to combine family life, work from home and virtual teaching, due to the close of schools. To make easier the family reconciliation in these hard times, the PCB offers to the families some of its spaces of the Park to make summer science activities for children between 5 and 12 years old, during some weeks of July and September, managed by Funbrain.

These activities have the aim of arousing interest of the children about science, promote critical thought, creativity and communication. Is not the first time that the PCB is worried about promoting interest for science between the youngest ones. The Park follows a way of activities that promote science between the young ones, as the scientific monologues of Cuestion de Ciencia, featuring Big Van Ciencia, or lab practices of Batx2Lab, as well as the different visits that the Park offers to schools. 


►For more detailed information about summer activities, prizes and schedules, visit the following link and fill the following application to register your children. The application has to be sent to