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From left to right: Judit Anido, co-founder and CEO of Mosaic Biomedicals, and Silvia Frutos, co-founder and CSO of ProteoDesign (Photos: Mosaic and ProteoDesign).

The Fem Talent 2018 Awards recognize Judit Anido and ProteoDesign

Two companies based in the Barcelona Science Park have been recognized in this year’s edition of the Fem Talent awards. Dr Judit Anido, co-founder and CEO of Mosaic Biomedicals, has received the "Emerging Talent" award, and the company ProteoDesign –created by Silvia Frutos, Miquel Vila-Perelló, Silvia Frutos, Marc Montserrat and Tom W. Muir– has been a finalist in the ‘Organisation with Fem Talent Values’ category.


The prizes, which give recognition to people and organisations that promote female talent and equal opportunities, were awarded as part of the 10th Fem Talent Forum, held on 9 March in the Barcelona Advanced Industry Park in front of a 400-strong audience.

Judit Anido, alongside Dr Joan Seoane and Dr Josep Baselga, is the co-founder of the biotech spin-off Mosaic Biomedicals, which develops personalised cancer treatments. Its merger with the Canadian company Northern Biologics has kick-started the development of its main drug, MSC-1. Phase I of its clinical trial is being conducted in several leading hospitals in Europe and the United States. Anido is the CEO of the company and has recently joined the CataloniaBio & HealthTech board of directors.

ProteoDesign, meanwhile, is a biotech company created by scientists from the Universitat de Barcelona and Princeton University –Miquel Vila-Perelló, Silvia Frutos, Marc Montserrat and Tom W. Muir– which focuses on the development of conjugated antibodies through a unique patented technology. Conjugated antibodies are a class of new biotherapeutic agents which show great promise for cancer treatment as, unlike traditional treatments, they allow for the selective elimination of cancerous cells without affecting healthy cells.

According to Biocat data, 28% of Catalan biomedical companies are either created or managed by women.