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Pascal Nizet and M. Rosa Miserachs (Photo: Barcelona Science Park).

Pharmaphenix celebrates 10 years as a leading international pharmaceutical consulting company

Headquartered in the Barcelona Science Park (PCB) and a specialist in consulting and international development for pharmaceutical industry companies, Pharmaphenix is celebrating its 10th anniversary. During this past decade, the consulting company has firmly positioned itself as a benchmark in emerging Latin American, Middle Eastern, South Korean, Russian and Australian markets.


In 2008, Pascal Nizet set up Pharmaphenix to advise healthcare companies in addressing new markets and driving their growth through expansion abroad. As the founding partner in Spain, he has extensive experience in leadership positions in the pharmaceutical industry. The firm’s comprehensive project management enables it to study companies and their structure to tailor them to the international business model, including regulatory compliance, logistics, sales, marketing and manufacturing. This strategy encompasses a comprehensive view of work at all levels. It is a pharmaceutical consulting company specialising in healthcare. Its operations are geared towards pharmaceutical, cosmetic, medical device and food supplement laboratories.

In its infancy, Pharmaphenix mostly focused its activities in countries where the health sector was under development, such as Mexico, Brazil, Colombia and Russia. It has now become a bridge between Asia, Latin America and Europe while consolidating institutional and trade ties with Southeast Asia. Since 2011 it has been headquartered in the Barcelona Science Park, which makes it one of the oldest companies in the PCB. Its Seoul headquarters is also celebrating its 10th anniversary and is run by Charlie Roh, its other founding partner, while the firm additionally has a number of offices in several countries covering all continents.

The enormous added value Pharmaphenix brings to its clients is that it acts as a single contact which can efficiently and quickly coordinate all operations between in-house and external teams. As the sole intermediary, it fosters the relationship between a company and its clients and makes it tighter.

“After so many years, what makes me proudest is seeing how products we have introduced in Spain, Latin America and Russia are now local leaders”, said Pascal Nizet.  “Of course, the bigger the cultural gap, the bigger the challenge, but also the bigger the reward when you achieve it. Not all companies have internationalisation in their DNA and we have to help them understand it and be ready for the adventure.”


Mª Rosa Miserachs, who also has extensive and proven experience in the pharmaceutical industry, is the current operational coordinator for the Barcelona team as their lead project manager. “I would highlight the personal motivation I get from being able to contact pharmaceutical industry companies all over the world”, she explained. “We deliver comprehensive strategic support in an internationalisation process. We do this by building cross-cutting connections between all the levels of an organisation, from its CEO to the other more operational units involved. The pharmaceutical market is constantly changing, and market models and dynamics repeat themselves. This means we can get ahead of the curve about what might happen in different territories and deliver a high added-value service.”