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The Emprendia Network backs new international exchange programs

By 10 de October de 2008November 18th, 2020No Comments
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The Emprendia Network backs new international exchange programs

The Iberoamerican University Network for the Incubation of Companies (Emprendia Network) which is made up of 12 Universities, the Banco Santander financial institution and UNIVERSIA, has this year set in motion a collection of initiatives aimed at encouraging university-business relations and promoting entrepreneurial culture within its area of influence. Among these initiatives, there are several programs that promote mobility and international exchange among lecturers, students, tutors, business advisors and technical staff from incubated companies, in order to improve their degree of preparation and favor the flow of ideas between the professionals who work in the sector.

These measures form part of the Network’s 2008-2010 plan of action, which includes many other initiatives. The way in which these initiatives are being developed and how well they have advanced was analyzed at a meeting held earlier this month at the Monterrey Institute of Technology. According to the head of the Technical Commission of Emprendia and the managing director of the Barcelona Science Park, Fernando Albericio: “through these projects, which are already underway, the network aims to materialize its objectives, which include facilitating the transfer to society of knowledge that is generated in an academic setting and to encourage the exchange of experiences and of entrepreneurial culture in this field, in order to promote the creation of a business fabric based on university R+D.”

Another of the initiatives included in this plan is the setting up of a “landing” program, or company acceleration program, the objective of which is to enable the companies that are to be incubated to share markets and accelerate their internationalization. The aim is that each year four new companies can take advantage of this program.

Similarly, the Network has created a portal, which is already operative, to offer information about its members, objectives and activities, as well as resources to facilitate its work. It has also set up a platform for the observation and transfer of technology, patents and competitive intelligence, which will facilitate access to information in journals, news stories, legislation and technical norms, together with the evaluation of Industrial and Intellectual Property assets and the analysis of information in relation to technological evolution. Furthermore, a best practices guide is being drawn up, so that the universities that for part of the Network will be able to share and transmit their knowhow in entrepreneurial matters, as well as their various programs for encouraging entrepreneurial culture.

A project has also been set in motion to publish a book that contains all the basic information on company incubation, adopted as a work of reference by all the members of the network. Furthermore, for all the winners of the various different awards for Innovation and for promoting entrepreneurial culture that are supported by the Santander financial institution in the different countries, the Emprendia Network will contrast their business plan in at least two of the universities that make up the Network, and ensure that they receive support from experts.