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The biologist Edward O. Wilson visits the Sabater Pi collection

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The biologist Edward O. Wilson visits the Sabater Pi collection

The North American scientist Edward O. Wilson, known internationally for his work on evolution and sociobiology, has visited the Sabater Pi collection housed in the Barcelona Science Park. He was welcomed by Jordi Sabater Pi himself, who personally showed him part of the collection of drawings, books and other materials from Africa, all of which form part of the legacy left by the Catalan ethologist.

While together the two scientists shared their research experiences and discussed the problems that currently threaten the survival of many animal species, including gorillas. Although they did not know one another personally they have each followed closely the research activity of the other; indeed, Wilson wrote the prologue to a book by Sabater Pi that was published in 1997 by University of Barcelona Press (Una vida a l’Àfrica dedicada a la recerca naturalista [A life in Africa dedicated to naturalistic research], Col. Homenatges).

The entomologist Edward O. Wilson described the meeting as “historic”, and despite the differences between his research work and that of Sabater Pi, the two have much in common, not least as they have both studied social organisations, albeit at different levels. Sabater Pi presented Edward O. Wilson with four books on different subjects, including his biography and an essay on the cognitive and behavioural capacities of chimpanzees.

This is the first time that Edward O. Wilson has visited the city of Barcelona and he has done so now in order to receive the XIX Catalonia International Prize 2007, awarded by the Catalan government. The prize was given in recognition of the importance of his scientific contributions, especially the study of ant behaviour and human societies.