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Josep Lluís Falcó, CEO of GENESIS Biomed, and Maria Terrades, CEO of the Barcelona Science Park (Photo: PCB).

The Barcelona Science Park is committed to becoming Catalonia’s MedTech company hub

The Barcelona Science Park (PCB), a Spain's leading scientific, technological and business innovation hub in the life sciences field, aims to embark on a new phase of growth, offering more than 1,200 square metres of office space, particularly to companies in the MedTech sector. To promote this ecosystem, it has signed an alliance with GENESIS Biomed. This consultancy firm, based in PCB, has raised more than 60 million euros for its clients since it was founded in May 2017 by Josep Lluis Falcó.


The Barcelona Science Park offers more than 1,200 new square metres of office space, particularly to companies in the MedTech sector. This represents a 10% increase in the office space on offer compared to 2019, and will allow the Park’s ecosystem to reach up to 3,300 users.

As a result of the exponential growth that the MedTech and digital health sector is experiencing in Catalonia, the PCB has just signed an alliance with the consultancy firm GENESIS Biomed, with a view to attracting MedTech companies to the Park and thus enhancing the existing ecosystem. Recent years have seen the incorporation of companies such as QIAGEN, Droplite, Avinent Implant, GlyCardial Diagnostics, Deepull Diagnostics, Everai Medical Technologies, Bioliquid, NewBorn Solutions and Moirai Biodesign into the Park.

Close to €500,000 has been invested in order to drive this growth, and the new MedTech and digital health companies may be installed in the PCB as early as November 2020.

According to Maria Terrades, PCB’s CEO, “despite the uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Park is committed to growth through the recruitment of companies from the one of the most promising sectors in the health field. In Spain, the PCB is already a benchmark in biotechnology thanks to its facilities, services and its community. We are focusing our efforts to ensure that the Park reaches the same level of recognition and critical mass in the MedTech sector in the near future”.

Alliance with GENESIS Biomed to promote this new stage

To become Barcelona’s Medtech hub, the PCB has launched an alliance with GENESIS Biomed, one of the consultancy firms with the broadest knowledge of the health and biomedicine sector, which also has its headquarters in the Park. Founded in 2017 by Josep Lluís Falcó, the consultancy firm specialises in the biomedical sector and has offices in Barcelona and Madrid, focusing on providing services to companies, start-ups, spin-offs and research centres.

According to Josep Lluís Falcó, CEO of GENESIS Biomed, the commitment from the PCB and GENESIS Biomed is in step with “the rapid growth of this ecosystem in Catalonia, which is considered the fourth densest in Europe and accounts for 42% of the companies in the sector in Spain”. Despite the health and social crisis caused by the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, “the majority of health innovation projects are moving forward, and a good number of rounds of investment are closing. In fact, a record number of investments is expected for 2020”, affirms Falcó.

Catalonia is one of Europe’s leading scientific and innovation hubs. The life sciences and health sector is one of the most important sectors. With 3 months until the end of 2020, the life sciences and healthcare sector in Catalonia is flexing its muscles, in spite of expectations it would be a challenging year due to the Covid-19 pandemic. In just 9 months, startups in the BioRegion (the life sciences and healthcare ecosystem in Catalonia, the most dynamic in Spain and one of the most active in southern Europe) have managed to raise €120 million in investment, well above the previous record from 2019, which was €112 million, according the report BioRegion of Catalonia Life Sciences and Healthcare Outlook 2020 – Challenges Ahead, presented last setember by Biocat and CataloniaBio & HealthTech.

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