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Dr Ernest Giralt (Photo: IRB Barcelona).

Ernest Giralt, first IRB Barcelona Emeritus Professor

Ernest Giralt Lledó is retiring after 15 years at the Institute for Research in Biomedicine (IRB Barcelona), where he has played a key institutional and scientific role. Dr Giralt, today an international reference for science of excellence, will continue to be linked to Institute as an Emeritus Professor. This appointment will allow him to share his guidance and expertise with the current community of scientists.


Ernest Giralt Lledó 
is retiring after 15 years at IRB Barcelona. Over the years, he has inspired the Institute’s community and been a solid reference for science of excellence. And now, he will continue to be linked to IRB Barcelona in the coming years, advising and representing the Institute as an Emeritus Professor.

“Above all, I am very grateful to IRB Barcelona, to all my colleagues at the institute, and – very especially – to all the members of my research team who have allowed us to enjoy all these years in our attempt to do the best science possible. Modesty aside, I will try to put my personal experience at the service mainly of the young people of the Institute”, explain Dr Giralt.

Ernest Giralt (Viladecans, 1948) is a founding member of IRB Barcelona, where he has played a key institutional and scientific role. Head of the Peptides and Proteins Laboratory at IRB Barcelona and former Head of the Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology Programme, ​​his group focused its research on peptides (small proteins) and the dynamic properties of proteins.

As a researcher, he is considered the best peptide chemist in Spain and one of the best in Europe, and he has been a pioneer in chemical biology. He has made important contributions to the field of peptide synthesis and the biomedical applications of peptides in oncology and diseases of the CNS. His research has earned him outstanding recognition: he received the Narcís Monturiol Prize in 1992, he won the 2011 Spanish National Research Award (Premio Nacional de Investigación) and the 2015 City of Barcelona award (Premi Ciutat de Barcelona), among others.

In addition to being part of the team of scientists involved in founding the Institute, for 12 years he served as Head of the Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology Programme and was one of the promoters of its cutting-edge Mass Spectrometry & Proteomics Core Facility.

More than 100 young researchers spanning more than 15 different nationalities have had the opportunity to grow as scientists with Ernest Giralt as a mentor, and his former students now occupy leading positions in a wide range of fields, from academia to industry.

In parallel to his scientific career, Ernest Giralt has always shown an artistic interest in music. It is worth highlighting his dedication as a performer as well as his facet as a musical composer. He finds artistic expression a way out for his creativity and curiosity.

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