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The Barcelona Science Park aligns itself with the statement of the UB governing team

The Barcelona Science Park, as a member of the University of Barcelona Group (UB Group), aligns itself with the following statement of the UB governing team on the exceptional situation in Catalonia.


“Given the exceptional situation the Catalan society is living at the moment, and considering that the University of Barcelona is a committed institution to the civil values of participation and democracy, the governing team of the University of Barcelona wants to express:

– The need to defend Catalan institutions, fundamental rights and democracy,

– Our deepest worry regarding the violation of fundamental rights and democratic freedom which is taking place lately,

– The firm and convincing condemn on any detention or penalty for ideological reasons to any person or group, and especially to those who are members of the University of Barcelona,

– The rejection of the Spanish Government intervention on the Catalan Government, in particular the economic blockade, which affects the regular activity of public universities and research centers in Catalonia,

– The conviction that political problems should have an answer based on dialogue and not repression

– The need to have social harmony and security for all members of the university community.

These are the reasons why we demand bridges of dialogue to find a political solution that considers the expression of the general will through people’s vote.”