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Moebio is a disruptive talent development initiative of Biocat that brings together several training programs of differents lengths to promote entrepreneurship in healthcare (Photo: Biocat).

The 2016 edition of MOEBIO Short Programs starts up

Registration is now open for MOEBIO Short Programs, a short training sessions created from the Design Health Barcelona Master under the framework of Moebio, the disruptive talent development initiative of Biocat.The sessions will take place at the Barcelona Science Park (PCB), covering the key issues in healthcare, innovation, management and entrepreneurship.


The goals of the sessions are to study trends and patterns in the healthcare sector and related industries, to understand healthcare organizations, supply, regulatory issues and funding, to identify key challenges in the healthcare, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical technology industries, and to provide executives and businesspeople with new tools and ways of thinking about how their organizations are managed. 

The Short Programs are aimed at students, professionals and entrepreneurs wishing to broaden their skill set and acquire new practical knowledge about today’s most pressing issues in a short period of time in the hands of academics and professionals of some of the best institutions in the world, government and industry. 

Participants will also have the chance to attend sessions with d·HEALTH fellows who are being trained to develop innovative healthcare technologies and start their own businesses .

The 2016 edition offers 5 MOEBIO Short Programs underway, lasting a maximum of 20 hours each, divided into 3 to 8 sessions of varying lengths. Participants can attend individual sessions, without having to sign up for the whole course.

•More information on the contents of the programs is available on the MOEBIO website.