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“Smart” Medical Dressing Activated Remotely on Demand

By 28 de April de 2008November 18th, 2020No Comments
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“Smart” Medical Dressing Activated Remotely on Demand

Patches and dressings that release their active ingredients continuously are used to apply many pharmacological and cosmetic treatments. The research project entitled "Dermo Smart Peptide Delivery" aims to design a material that will contain the active ingredient and be able to release it remotely, in a controlled system. Under the joint leadership of the biotech firm , the Barcelona Science Park (PCB) and Cetemmsa technology centre, the project will conclude in 2010 after a total investment of 2.2 million euros. Funding provided by the Generalitat regional government of Catalonia through CIDEM accounts for 885,000 euros of the investment.

The advantage of a smart system, with a wide range of potential applications in both the pharmaceutical and the cosmetics sectors, is that it can be activated whenever the user wishes. This enables controlled administration of various active ingredients that can have a beneficial effect on our appearance or health, such as vitamins, antioxidants and anti-wrinkle agents. Such ingredients can also help to stimulate the production of substances that fulfil a specific function within our bodies, like collagen or melanin, or they can help control metabolic reactions related to ageing, cellulite, tanning, oxidation and so on.

The Barcelona Science Park and Infinitec develop active ingredients for the project that are nano-encapsulated so as to increase their penetrability and absorption through the skin, enhancing their efficacy. The active ingredients will be placed on an active textile material that can be controlled from the exterior.

Several private companies participate in the project together with public bodies specialising in a very broad selection of scientific fields, including peptide chemistry, polymer chemistry, nanotechnology platforms, smart materials and communication systems. In addition to the PCB, Infinitec and Cetemmsa, project participants include Tints Quadrada, Construcciones Mecánicas Pannon, IQS-Gemat and the Barcelona Digital Foundation.