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The company team at in-cosmetics Global 2023 (Photo: Roka Furadada).

Roka Furadada presents its first encapsulated photo-adaptive molecule

Roka Furadada, a deep tech startup with research facilities in the Barcelona Science Park, presents ROKA Smart UV® ITM 330. It is a patented, encapsulated and photo-adaptive UV absorber, that offers tailored protection adapting to the intensity of solar radiation. Thanks to encapsulation, it is more environmentally-friendly, safer for the skin and easier to incorporate into cosmetic formulations.

ITM 330, presented by the company at in-cosmetics Global 2023, is designed to boost protection in the UVB and UVA-II radiation spectrum. It is a photochemical precursor which is activated within the UVB radiation spectrum, giving rise to a molecule with high levels of photoprotection: UVB + UVA-II (290-340 nm).

It is the last product based on its patented ROKA Smart UV® technology, from which the startup is developing a new generation of smart photochemical precursors, that absorb radiation from the sun, transforming into new molecules that protect the user.

On the other hand, the company’s innovative encapsulation technology, avoids the interaction of ROKA Smart UV® absorbers with other components of the formulation, providing improved stability. Capsules are incorporated after the emulsification phase, don’t need to be solubilized in the oil phase (less emollients needed) and are cold processable. Additionally, the capsules neither penetrate nor interact with the skin, thus minimizing any potential toxicity, and are biocompatible, preventing ITM 330’s release into the marine environment and any interaction with it.

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