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Real Deal Milk won the ‘Catalan startup of the year’ award

Real Deal Milk, based in the Barcelona Science Park, won the ‘Catalan Startup of the Year‘ award at the Catalan Pitch Competition, organized by ACCIÓ within the framework of Tech Spirit Barcelona. The event once again focused the attention of entrepreneurs and investors to find out about the 27 startups with the most potential in Catalonia in the fields of health, ICT and deep-tech.

The Catalan Pitch Competition, which highlighted the purpose and business model of 27 startups, was one of the activities of the ACCIÓ Startup Forum, that this year reached its 27th edition to continue connecting investors and startups in a framework unique: the Tech Spirit Barcelona.

Albert Castellanos, Secretary of Business and Competitiveness of the Government of Catalonia and CEO of ACCIÓ, stated that “through the Catalan Pitch Competition we show the talent that the city of Barcelona welcomes, which once again shows its wealth and capacity as a European technological hub to attract founders and workers from all over the world in a complex socioeconomic context like the current one”.

“Winning this award gives us a bit more visibility and opens a lot of doors for future investment,” revealed Zoltan Toth-Czifra, CEO of Real Deal Milk.

The startup has developed a precision fermentation process to produce food products with the same properties as milk, cheese or yogurt. “We replaced the cows with tiny microbes, a way to produce the same materials that would come out of a cow naturally. It’s a process similar to fermenting beer or bread, except we’re not making alcohol here, we’re making dairy products. “, explains Toth-Czifra.

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