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From left to right, Dr. Pau Bruguera and Dr. Andreu Veà. Source: Fundació GAEM

Pau Bruguera and Andreu Veà join the scientific committee at GAEM Foundation

Dr. Pau Bruguera and Dr. Andreu Veà have joined the scientific committee at GAEM Foundation (Multiple Sclerosis Affected Group). The scientific committee is composed of experts in various fields of biomedicine and entrepreneurship who advise and carry out the selection of research papers that may be a candidate to be included in the Accelerator Program. 


The new incorporations respond to the strategy defined by the foundation to expand the typology of the accelerator´s projects. The objective is to obtain a balanced and innovative portfolio of biomedical projects, from the point of view of their time of arrival at the market, risk and development costs to be incorporating improvements in life and therapy of patients with multiple sclerosis as quickly as possible.

The Accelerator´s new portfolio will consist of projects related to the discovery of new therapies, both early detection biomarkers and response to treatment indicators, as well as devices to improve patient quality of life.

To do this, the committee will be advised by Pau Bruguera, who holds a PhD in chemistry by the University of Barcelona and has over 30 years’ experience in the field of in vitro diagnostics. After his time at the Instrumentation Laboratory in Massachusetts (USA), where he specialized in the diagnosis of bleeding disorders and served as corporate director of R&D, Bruguera is currently head of R & D at  Biokit SA, a diagnostics company belonging to the Werfen Group, where held various posts of high responsibility. In addition, he has authored numerous articles and patents in this area.

The committee also broadens its perspective in the field of Electronics and Telecommunications applications in multiple sclerosis by incorporating Andreu Veà, an electronics engineer and PhD in Telecommunications with posts-doctorate in History of Science and Technology from Stanford University (USA). Veà started and worked on several Internet-related organizations, such as,,, ISOC-cat, ISOC-is, and has extensive experience as a member of scientific, executive committees and organization committees. Of note is also Veda’s collaboration in the launch and implementation of Spanish technology-based companies located in Silicon Valley. He is also an independent director of the ICT Council of the Generalitat of Catalonia and Social-Diabetes and Social Coin companies.

GAEM Foundation, Multiple Sclerosis Affected Group, constituted in November 2006 from an association bearing the same name established in 2003, is an independent non-profit organization whose main objective is to foster biomedical research projects that focus on the discovery of therapeutic solutions for the cure of this disease by investing in translational projects in biotechnology. The organization also promotes different initiatives to bring scientific advances closer to scientists, doctors and patients alike and also brings together several diverse campaigns and events to raise society awareness. Located at barcelona Science Park (PCB), the foundation is chaired by Vicens Oliver, affected by the disease since 1993.