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Oryzon genomics and BASF collaborate in technological innovation in the phytosanitary field

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Oryzon genomics and BASF collaborate in technological innovation in the phytosanitary field

The agrochemical firm will use Oryzon genoimics' platform on gene function, located at the Parc Cientiífic de Barcelona (PCB, Barcelona Science Park), to conduct research into new phytosanitary products. This collaboration is the fruit of an agreement signed by the two companies this week.

BASF will use custom-designed DNA chips and associated bioinformatics applications that have been developed by Oryzon to optimize agricultural production. According to the director of Oryzon, Carlos Buesa, “the recent advances in genomics, proteomics and bioinformatics open up the possibility to detect genes involved in plant response to pathogens. In addition, the identification of these genes will facilitate the study of the molecular mechanisms triggered by infection and of the defence response, thereby contributing to the design of new phytosanitary products”.

BASF, which also works in fields such as chemistry, fine chemistry, plastics and natural gas, includes among its objectives “to continue to develop new technologies and to introduce up to 10 new active principles in the phytosanitary field in Spain in the coming years, directed mainly at the insecticide and fungicide market for horticultural and vine production”, explained Josef Appel, director of the agricultural division of BASF in Spain and Portugal.

The agreement between these two enterprises is another example of the cooperation model established by Oryzon with leading companies in the pharmaceutical and agrochemical sectors and with the food industry. “BASF is an associate of great importance since this is the first agreement that Oryzon has made with a large multinational. This agreement will contribute to the international projection of the company”, commented Carlos Buesa.