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Oryzon and CrystaX join forces to fight cancer and Alzheimer’s disease

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Oryzon and CrystaX join forces to fight cancer and Alzheimer’s disease

and , two biotech firms located in the Barcelona Science Park, have signed an agreement to drive forward a new line of drugs that may be useful in treating various types of cancer and neurodegenerative illnesses, such as Alzheimer's disease. Towards this end, they have earmarked two million euros for expenditure over the next two years.

The purpose of the alliance is to combine the use of molecules being developed by CrystaX, which provide a new mechanism of action, with the new therapeutic targets under development at Oryzon, focusing on research into genetic biomarkers that aid in the detection and treatment of various diseases, particularly cancer and pathologies related to the nervous system.

CrystaX specialises in the discovery of new drugs based on their atomic structure, and the company undertakes a good deal of its activities in the synchrotron in Grenoble, France. CrystaX’s competitive advantage over other companies lies in its use of an innovative, highly specialised technology known as “fragment screening”. This enables the company first to discover tiny, little-known molecules that have great therapeutic potential, then to design their structures so that they act with much greater precision and efficacy. To do this, the firm makes use of its platform B2D2TM (Biophysics-based Drug Discovery), which combines various techniques such as nuclear magnetic resonance and crystallography.

Over the next two years, both Oryzon and CrystaX expect to obtain products up through the clinical phase.