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Neuroscience Technologies, winner of the first IID call

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Neuroscience Technologies, winner of the first IID call

The proposal presented by the EuroPain consortium – of which the company ––, located at the Barcelona Science Park, is a part of – won the first grant call of "Topic 9: Pain Research", organized by the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI). The project, titled "Understanding pain and improving its treatment" –which was selected out of a total of 13 proposals last March 26-, has a 5 year duration and a global budget of over 18 million euros. Its objective is to facilitate the development of new analgesics aimed at improving the treatment of patients with chronic pain, as well as to increase knowledge regarding the mechanisms involved in the development of pain.

The four components of the EuroPain consortium –Neuroscience Technologies, the London Pain Consortium (LPC), the German Neuropathic PainResearch Network (DFNS) and the Danish Pain Research Center ()–, will partipate in the project, along with new pharmaceutical companies that are members of the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (): Astra Zeneca, Boehringer Ingelheim, Pfizer, Eli Lilly, GlaxoSmithKline, Wyeth, Esteve, UCB and Sanofi Aventis.

The Initiative of Innovative Drugs (IMI) is an alliance between the European pharmaceutical industry (represented by EFPIA) and the European Commission. The organization was formally established in December 2007 and seeks to promote research and development of new drugs in the EU and to decrease costs. The IMI is part of the Joint Technologies Initiatives (JTI) of the 7th Framework Program and aims to boost European leadership in the field of biomedical R+D+i. The initiative will have a budget of 2,000 million euros until 2013, granted in equal amounts by the European Commission and the EFPIA, aimed at financing research projects to develop innovative drugs.

This first grant call, published in 2008, offers 123 million euros to research projects focused on the fields of mental, inflammatory and metabolic disorders. Organizations and SMEs that are part of consortiums will be the beneficiaries. Biocat is working together with other sector agents, such as the Barcelona Science Park, the CIDEM and the Generalitat (the Catalan government) to promote funding opportunities and facilitate the establishment of public consortiums (organizations and SMEs) so that they will present project proposals to the IMI platform.