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Moirai Biodesign team (Photo: Barcelona Science Park).

Moirai Biodesign developes a diagnostic kit for the detection of sepsis in three hours

Moirai Biodesign, a biotech start-up based in the Barcelona Science Park, has developed a prototype 'kit' based on biosensors that analyzes a blood sample and identifiesthe most important sepsis-causing pathogens and their associated antibiotic resistances, at the point of care and directly from the patient's blood, in just three hours, a process that usually requires up to 5 days of analysis in the laboratory. The company has just received a €75,000 grant through the Startup Capital financing line from ACCIÓ to  to set about the activities derived from the execution of the initial business plan. Its objective is to market this device in hospitals, once the validation phase is completed.The kit will allow identification 

The Catalan startup Moirai Biodesign has created a prototype of a diagnostic kit, based on its biosensor technology, that will allow to detect sepsis quickly only with a blood sample from the patient, without the need to carry out a previous blood culture. With this kit, the pathogens that cause sepsis (a potentially fatal inflammatory process that can appear in the event of an infection), as well as their resistance to antibiotics, can be detected in a few hours and obtain results much faster than with blood culture analysis , which requires several days to complete a diagnosis.

Moirai Biodesign has received Startup Capital direct grant from ACCIÓ, the agency for company competitiveness of the Department of Business and Knowledge of the Generalitat. The startup has received 75,000 euros that it can allocate to finance the activities derived from the execution of the initial business plan, such as covering personnel expenses, contracting services to third parties, investing in material and equipment, renting spaces or developing marketing strategies and communication.

Moirai Biodesign is a pioneering RNA design company developing a revolutionary diagnostics technology based on programmable RNA biosensors capable of detecting, with high specificity, low amounts of any target RNA associated to a wide range of pathologies. Its initial investigation and development aims to diagnose the cause of sepsis in the fastest, most reliable and affordable way.

► For further information: ACCIÓ website [+]