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Intelligent Pharma opens a subsidiary in the United States

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Intelligent Pharma opens a subsidiary in the United States

Intelligent Pharma, located at the Barcelona Science Park, specializing in computational chemistry services for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, has just opened its first subsidiary in the United States. This is the third international office that the spin-off starts in less than 2 years after the recent opening of two European delegations: the first one, in 2010, at the Heidelberg Technology Park (Germany) and second one, in 2011, at the Biopark of Welwyn Garden City cluster, in North London (United Kingdom).

The new American subsidiary (Intelligent Pharma LLP) has its headquarters in Cambridge (Massachusetts) and is coordinated by Sebastian Pedraza, a biochemist and economist with extensive experience in the U.S. biotechnology sector. The initial mission of this new subsidiary will be to expand channel sales efforts, marketing and business development of biotechnology businesses in North America. In the short term, the new office could also become a production affiliate, contingent upon market development.

Currently, Intelligent Pharma has a strong customer portfolio in the United States and has signed several research contracts with multinational pharmaceutical companies, based on both the East and the West coast.

The company has developed a very active marketing strategy in the American market, sponsoring every quarter major events and scientific conferences focused on medicinal chemistry and on the design of new drugs, such as the CHI’s Structure-Based Drug Design Conference in Boston, where it has been “corporate sponsor” of the 2011 edition.

Now, Intelligent Pharma has decided to go one step further. The creation of a U.S. subsidiary will allow the company to complete the process of internationalization, increasing its market share in the U.S. and optimize the commercial platform of support and consulting services it offers its customers.

“With this new step forward in international growth, we closer and closer to becoming world leaders in our market niche. At present, we are the only provider in computational chemistry services with direct physical presence in four countries, “said Dr. Ignasi Belda, Director General of Intelligent Pharma.

The two upcoming international scientific events sponsored by Intelligent Pharma are the Molecular Med TRI-AMB2012, to be held next February in San Francisco (California) and Advances and Progress in Drug Design 2012, also in February in London (United Kingdom). Intelligent Pharma is a spin-off of the University of Barcelona, founded in 2007 by a young entrepreneur, an engineer by the name of Ignasi Belda, at the core of the Bioincubator at the Barcelona Science Park. Intelligent Pharma focuses its activity on the developmen, marketing and use of new technologies in computational chemistry and artificial intelligence for drug discovery. These services are aimed at both public research institutions, as well as biotechnology, food and cosmetics companies. With just over 4 years of experience, the company has had as its clients virtually all Spanish pharmaceutical companies and a large number of biotechnology companies and research institutions, and has also procured a solid customer portfolio in the United Kingdom, United States and Mexico. In 2010 Intelligent Pharma won the EmprenedorXXI award- promoted by “la Caixa” and ENISA, and the award granted by the Senén Vilaró Social Council and the Bosch i Gimpera Foundation from the University of Barcelona (UB) for best innovative company. The curriculum of the company has also been honored with other awards such as the BioEntrepeneur XXI award promoted by “la Caixa”, Barcelona Activa Biocat, the Chamber of Commerce, and Genome Spain, the “We Do Business” endowed by Caixa Tarragona, the Bancaixa Prize for Young Entrepreneurs, the BDigital for Digital Innovation, and the Award for Best Company in Corporate Social Responsibility of the Provincial Council of Barcelona. In 2009, Intelligent Pharma was cited by Technology Review magazine of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) as a benchmark for companies in computational chemistry.