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High definition fiber-tracking map of a million brain fibers. Image: UGR.

IBEC success in Human Brain Project funding call

A study involving IBEC group leader and ICREA research professor Pau Gorostiza has been chosen for funding under a Call for Expressions of Interest (CEol) on Systems and Cognitive Neuroscience by the Human Brain Project (HBP) FET Flagship. Thanks to their success in this Call, the project partners – including IBEC – will be integrated in the broader HBP Consortium. 


The four selected projects from the total of 57 proposals submitted address ambitious cognitive and systems neuroscience questions and rely on the collaboration of researchers from different European countries.

The project involving Pau, Wave Scaling Experiments and Simulations (WaveScalES), is coordinated by Pier Stanislao Paolucci at the Instituto Nazionale di Fisica in Rome and will study the neuronal networks underling sleep and wakefulness under normal conditions and in disease.

This CEol was part of the commitment of the HBP to allocate €8.9m to Systems and Cognitive Neuroscience in the next two years. The other three awarded projects address episodic memory as a faculty for spatiotemporal, multisensory integration, encoding and reconstruction, the question of consciousness and study information processing, the modulation of arousal levels and brain injury.