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David Badia, executive director of IBEC, received the award during the ceremony (Photo: IBEC).

IBEC receives the FEI award for its support to innovation

Yesterday, the Innovative Companies Forum (FEI) celebrated the seventh edition of the 2019 “Innovation Awards”. The ceremony, which aims to highlight the commitment to innovation of organizations, companies and researchers, recognized the Institute for Bioengineering of Catalonia’s (IBEC) “Innovation Support Agency”. 


The FEI award recognizes IBEC’s contribution in the field of innovation and its work in promoting several innovation-related aspects, which were also highlighted during the awards ceremony. 

IBEC promotes the creation of technology-based companies which take shape because of scientific research. So far, has promoted the creation of three companies. Rob Surgical Systems, which dates the furthest back, is working to get the robotic systems necessary for minimally invasive surgery into operating rooms soon.

The Institut also encourages collaborations between companies and research centers through the development of projects and joint activities, such as the “Open Innovation Lab”, a public-private initiative open to companies and investors interested in launching a new R + D unit with a clear market objective and who want to do so collaboratively, benefiting from the knowledge, facilities, equipment and collaborations IBEC offers.

Moreover, IBEC boost the creation of strong international alliances, such as the European Institute of Knowledge and Technology (EIT)’s community of knowledge and innovation. This community has a budget of € 2,100M and brings together more than 150 European partners from universities, research centers and companies that promote health innovation.

During his acceptance speech, Badia noted that IBEC is accredited as a Severo Ochoa Centre of Excellence and is dedicated to the field of bioengineering, with the objective not only to study, but to also promote the research’s application in the field of medicine, health and the improvement of people’s quality of life. From IBEC’s scientific-technological capacity, we want to contribute to the innovation and development of the medicine of the 21st century. The FEI award confirms that we are headed in the right direction. David Badia, Executive Director of IBEC.

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