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The investment fund managed by Genesis Biomed is still active despite the COVID-19 crisis (Photo: Genesis Biomed).

Genesis Biomed to invest an additional €500,000 in 2020

The Genesis Ventures fund, investment vehicle of several family offices managed by the consulting firm Genesis Biomed, based in the Barcelona Science Park, has announced that it will invest an additional €500,000 in the remainder of this year. The new investments will be made in several of the spin-offs of its portfolio of companies dedicated to biomedical research, in a moment of paralysis due to health and social crisis caused by the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus.


The consulting firm Genesis Biomed has increased the size of its first fund, Genesis Ventures, to 2.5 million euros, half a million euros more than the amount initially raised. The contribution comes exclusively from the three family offices that started the vehicle..

“Despite the Covid-19 crisis, we have full confidence in the powerful work that our companies carry out, so we continue to support them so that they can continue with their projects even in a difficult moment such as the one we are experiencing”, says Josep Lluís Falcó, co-founder & CEO of Genesis Ventures and founder & CEO of Genesis Biomed.

The Genesis Ventures fund is €2M and so far it has invested €1M in 12 spin-offs and startups in the biotechnology and medical device sector. The financing of the projects is carried out with tickets from €50,000 to €100,000, depending on the identified development needs.

► For further information: Genesis Biomed website [+]