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EQA develops The Conformity Assessment of Good Practice for Risk Management of COVID-19

EQA, an assessment and certification leading company accredited by ENAC (the Spain national accreditation agency) has developed The Conformity Assessment of Good Practice for Risk Management of COVID-19, as a basis for the progressive return to normality, essential for social and economic recovery. This evaluation is available for all types of facilities and services, whether they continue with their activity or prepare to start it.


The conformity assessment of good practice for risk management of COVID-19 developed by EQA involves a review of the implemented protocols by organizations, in accordance with the recommendations and requirements established by international and national publications, the National Institute for Safety and Health at Work, ministries and professional associations.

In general terms, the preventive measures include aspects of hygiene and cleaning, human resources, incidents management, process control, both of purchases and suppliers, and provision of services. All measures are perfectly integrable with the implemented management systems, according to standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001 or ISO 45001.

EQA is a nationwide assessment and certification leading company. Since its introduction in Spain in 1997, it has grown steadily and has been reaching leadership positions in the issuance of certificates in different categories. The company works in the following areas: management systems, R+D+i projects, compliance systems, urban planning licenses and energy certifications, among others.

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