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Genesis Biomed supports the creation of four spin-offs during 2021

Genesis Biomed -a strategy and operations consultancy based in the Barcelona Science Park, and specialized in early-stage R&D projects in entrepreneurship in the biomedical sector- has collaborated in the creation of four spin-offs during 2021: Endolipid Therapeutics, BetaScreen, Thytech and Anais Medical.

The creation of spin-offs  has become an increasingly common vehicle for bringing innovation from the healthcare environment to the market. The preparation of a business plan to assess the viability of the project is the first step, but this is followed by steps such as the licensing agreement with the university, the partners’ agreement, the closing of the first seed round, etc., which are a real ordeal. The existence of consultancy companies such as Genesis Biomed, founded by Josep Lluís Falcó, smooth this path by accompanying the project team in this work.

According to the company: “Genesis Biomed has helped to set up numerous start-ups and spin-offs, and we are pleased to have contributed to the valuable knowledge we have in Universities and Hospitals materialising in companies that can facilitate innovation to improve people’s health. Moreover, for the research team it is a challenge, but also a reward when the fruit of their innovation translates into a tangible product that improves the lives of patients. At the beginning of this year, we would like to mention all of these emerging companies that, thanks to courageous researchers/entrepreneurs, have been created during 2021 and at the beginning of 2022”.

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