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Marta Princep, co-founder & managing partner, and Albert Zamora, co-Founder & chairman of the Board (Photo: BHV Partners).

BHV Partners settles in the Barcelona Science Park and closes a 500,000 euros investment round

BHV Partners, the first venture builder in the southern European health sector, has moved its headquarters to the Barcelona Science Park, and closes an investment round, raising half a million euros. In just over a year of history, the company, also based in Silicon Valley (San Francisco), has established itself as a leading driver in the biomedical innovation and entrepreneurship scene; it has three startups in its portfolio; has established several consulting contracts with companies and research centers, and is initiating an ambitious phase of national and international expansion.


BHV Partners has just closed the second phase of an investment round, raising half a million euros thanks to the participation of private investors from the entrepreneurship and executives sectors, small private investors and renowned scientific and medical professionals. All of them partners who will share their knowledge and contacts with the startups, in order to maximize their possibilities.

In just over a year of history, BHV Partners, an innovative venture builder initiative pioneered in southern Europe –created in Barcelona and Silicon Valley (San Francisco, California) by Marta Princep, Albert Zamora, Joaquim Trias and Joan Bigorra, renowned experts in the world of biomedicine and health entrepreneurship– has established itself as a leading driver in the biomedical innovation and entrepreneurship scene

The venture builder already has three startups in its portfolio: Aimentia, an artificial intelligence platform specialized in mental health; Nela Biodynamics, a startup specialized in the design and development of innovative orthopaedic devices; and Biel Glasses, a startup that is developing innovative smart glasses for people with low vision.

Since its creation, at the end of 2018, BHV Partners has closed cooperation agreements with renowned entrepreneurship and research centers, the most recent with Inveniam Group, a technology-based transaction company with long experience in technology transfer activities, capital raising, access to public funds and strategic advice; and Anquor Corporate Finance, a boutique company specialized in mergers and acquisitions in the life sciences sector, part of whose founders are also partners in BHV Partners.

The venture builder has also consolidated its team and expanded geographically. The incorporation of Dr. María Arbulu to the BHV Partners team has allowed to create bonds in the Basque Country, a strategic area due to the strong drive for innovation and creation of industrial companies. She has been joined by advisors in other zones, such as Tomás Navarro in Madrid and Joaquin Gómez Moya in Murcia, as well as other prominent professionals in Europe and the US.

As part of its expansion strategy, the company also opens a new headquarters in the Barcelona Science Park. “We have happy to be at the PCB, an environment that links science and entrepreneurship, a vibrant meeting point between scientists, laboratories, start-ups, companies. Here there is a constant generation of meetins and ideas, and people get in touch and work together with the aim of promote different and useful solutions to the market, with innovation always in the spotlight”, say Marta Príncep, managing partner of the venture builder.