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Barcelona Science Park announces a new artistic intervention contest to decorate an outdoor space

Barcelona Science Park (PCB) announces a new artistic intervention contest to promote the interaction between art and science. The public and anonymous event offers the opportunity to create, with total thematic freedom, a mural in an outdoor space of 4.5 metres of height per 6.5 metres of width in the Clúster II building, in a junction of various areas of the park at different levels.


This space will be accessible to all users of the PCB who wish to enjoy an exterior place to pause or have lunch. So, it will be equipped with tables, chairs and furniture for such use. The space is not at street level but a level underneath. For this reason it has no visual horizon but is surrounded by buildings.

The contest is open to any person or group with the only requirement of being an adult. Participation can be individual or in group, but it can only be attended to the competition with a single project.

The Fundació Parc Científic de Barcelona will allocate a financial allocation of 5000€ to the winning proposal to develop the work.

The registration must be formalised at the same time that the work is presented and the deadline ends on Thursday 4th of June 2020 at 12:00 H.

On Monday May 11th at 12:30 am, the park will offer the possible participants in the competition an online tour and a presencial one with limited capacity to comply with the rules of alarm in the spaces where the intervention will take place.

It is not the first time the park takes the decoration of some of its spaces into competition. Its installations have already housed a sample of the creative talent of artists like  Kelly ArrontesAnna Taratiel i Nuria Mora.

► The rules of the contest can be consulted in the following link [+ info]