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The subsidiary company for Europe and Latin America -AWS Truepower SLU- is based at the Barcelona Science Park (PCB).Photo: AWS Truepower.

AWS Truepower Establishes Local Presence in Mexico City

 AWS Truepower, a world leader in renewable energy consulting, today announced it is opening an office in Mexico City to better accommodate the Mexican renewable energy market and enhance service to its existing client base. The subsidiary company for Europe and Latin America, AWS Truepower SLU, is based at the Barcelona Science Park (PCB).


Over the past decade, AWS Truepower has emerged as a prominent leader in the Mexican market, and the investment in a new office and local staff reflects the recognition and commitment to the growing wind and solar industries in the region. The company will continue to provide consulting and advisory services such as resource and energy assessments, engineering services, due diligence, energy forecasting, grid integration studies, operational assessments, and deliver high-quality data and software solutions. 
The new office will be led by Mr. Jorge Luis Ochoa and will employ several staff with engineering, meteorological, and project management experience in the renewable energy industry. s, operational assessments, and deliver high-quality data and software solutions. 

“We look forward to increasing our local support and being closer to our key customers,” explained Joan Aymamí, Vice President of International Business. “Having a local office in Mexico will help AWS Truepower build and grow pre-existing relationships, and address and respond to the unique needs of the market. Many of our clients are actively pursuing renewable energy projects in Mexico, and policies to support the expansion of renewables are favorable for the next several years. It was a logical decision for the company to open an office in this location. ”

Demand for renewable energy is growing rapidly in Mexico, as growth in energy demand outpaces economic expansion. According to the Mexican Wind Energy Association (AMDEE), by the end of 2020 the country could have more than 12 GW of new wind capacity and more than 5 GW of new PV installations, accounting for 5% of total generation. In total, the country is estimated to have more than 50 GW of wind potential, creating a very favorable market for new wind development. To date, AWS Truepower has worked on over 50% of projects in development, financing or construction phases, and the local office will help to expand their presence in the country.